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The Administrator of Personal Data (under Polish law) with respect to Personal Data of Users who are also CONSUMERS is:


Company Address: ul. Przytulna 24/30, 80-176 Gdansk, POLAND

Contact No.: (+48)880 923 203


The Company is registered in Poland at CEIDG (Central Registration and Information on Business) with these codes NIP:PL9570799447, REGON:222134800

The Administrator has registered the data set in the GIODO (General Inspectorate of Personal Data Protection) record under the name of 'Webstore clients registry'


Personal Data Processing and Protection

  1. Submitting your personal data to the store and agreeing on processing it, is absolutely voluntary. All personal data is processed only in scope and purpose on which the Consumer agrees upon - under the terms laid down in Polish law pertinent to Personal Data Protection. If the Consumer denies to reveal the data necessary to process the order, and disagrees upon processing the data, completing the order may be impossible.

    The Administrator provides security of the submitted data and Users rights, under the Personal Data Protection law. The User has right to view, correct or completely remove their stored Personal Data - in that case it is necessary to send an e-mail stating the extent of the changes. The Administrator has the right to deny removing Users data only under the terms laid down in current regulations, especially in case of any remittance the User may be owing the Administrator.

  2. Users Personal Data is processed only in terms of establishing, forming, concluding, changing or dissolving a contract between Provider and the Client, and also to finalize the Contract of sale or Contract for the provision of electronic services as described in TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

  3. User can receive commercial and marketing information (in the form of a 'newsletter') if he agrees to it. User can at any time opt out of receiving such information.

  4. We ensure that our company complies with Personal Data Protection policy. Personal Data is safe with us and we strive to provide the highest safety standards.

  5. Users Personal Data can be passed on to a third party only with the consent of the User under circumstances laid down in TERMS AND CONDITIONS, especially:

    • in case of choosing on-line payments client Personal Data is processed by the on-line payments administrator in order to complete the transaction;

    • for the purpose of delivery Personal Data is passed on to Polish Post in order to complete the contract.


For proper order handling it is necessary to obtain following User Data:

  • name and surname or Users company name;

  • in case of a company - tax ID;

  • delivery address and billing address;

  • Users e-mail;

  • contact phone number;

  • the application also stores the IP address from which you are connected to improve communication.


Cookies Policy

  This Policy sets out the rules of creating, storing and accessing the information on Users devices by using Cookies for the purpose of completing services requested by the User.


  1. The Administrator for the purpose of delivering services through electronic means, creates and stores temporary files and gains access to selected information on Users devices.

  2. Cookies - describes binary data, usually small text files, saved and stored on Users devices, that are used in programming languages to facilitate more efficient communication between website and User.

  3. Cookies created on Users devices can originate both from the Administrator system (so called own Cookies) or from external sources overseeing internet communication (so called external Cookies e.g. originating from Google or other websites).

  4. User has the ability to restrict or disable Cookies. In case of choosing this option the use of website is still possible, apart from functions, which by their nature require Cookies.


  1. Cookies and similar technologies are used in websites for the purpose of facilitating correct data transmission between connected computers. They have wide applications, helping to customize the content of the page settings in the receiver's computer, storing the preferences e.g. font size, ensuring correct implementation of activities that consist of stages (e.g. adding an article or making a purchase in a webstore). Cookies can be also used to target the User with customized adverts that match their interests. You can say that Cookies technology is necessary to correctly display the information on a webpage.

  2. Besides Cookies sent from the site we are connecting to, they can also be sent from webpage servers the site is referring to e.g. Google or YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or similar.

  3. Broadly speaking you can divide Cookies into two groups:

    • session cookies: stored on the Users device until the browser session terminates. After that stored data is irrevocably removed from the device. Session cookies mechanism does not allow to obtain any Personal Data or any confidential information from Users device.

    • persistent cookies: stored on the Users device until deleted. Finishing the browser session or turning off the device does not facilitate deleting persistent cookies from the Users device. Persistent cookies mechanism does not allow to obtain any Personal Data or any confidential information from Users device.

  4. Under normal circumstances Cookies used are perfectly safe for the User. When used correctly there is no danger of infecting Users devices with viruses or malware. They allow the identification of software used by the User. Cookies usually contain domain name they originate from, period of storage on the device (limited) and assigned value (key).

  5. Cookies do not store any Personal Data, including names or emails.

  6. Any User can change Cookies settings in their browser, including disabling them completely. If the user did not change the settings, in practice it means he is expressing consent to store Cookies on his device.

  7. If you decide to disable Cookies altogether, you won't be able to use some of our website functions, especially logging in and completing the order in the webstore. Disabling Cookies however does not prevent you from browsing most of the webpages.

  8. User can at any time remove Cookies from his device using the feature provided by the browser he uses.

  9. It should be noted, that Cookies technology is also used by hackers to infect computers with malware. In that scenario Cookies technology that should be used for proper communication is used in violation of its intended purpose. To protect yourself from attacks such as those the User should always employ a good antivirus program and a proper firewall.

  10. Cookies technology is the 'bread and butter' of today's internet - in a good way. Without Cookies many webpages would become much less functional.

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